Stirling Sunset

I’d never been to the Stirling Ranges before this particular day. I knew all about Bluff Knoll, but what I didn’t know about was all the other peaks. It is a wonder place to drive through, and one I want to spend a lot more time exploring, especially in the fading or rising light.

Unfortunately, I was just eating it while out on this particular shoot. Hard. When I leave the camera alone for too long I feel like I’ve forgotten how to capture landscaped. It’s like I’m doing little more than just pointing the camera and clicking away to get enough shots to make a decent sized panorama. I can’t express how wrong it feels. This final shot is just a small section of one such larger panorama. I made stupid mistakes with the big shot, disappointing myself to no end. To deal with some of these, I had to crop it right down to the section you see, like a surgeon cutting away cancer.

From here, I started to play with the mood a bit. Standing out there, looking into the sun and over the view I remember one thing really clearly: the shadows. I just loved the way they were playing on the mountains to the left of the frame, and wanted to somehow capture them. Working it a bit at home helped bring back what I first saw when I picked the camera up to shoot the scene, and in the end, I really quite like the shot.

A return trip to the ranges is needed.