Monochrome Mountain

Driving back from a road-trip out towards Kingston, this shot was taken from the side of the road that runs along Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown, New Zealand. The light had been decidedly average all day, and a storm had just recently swept through. I’d gotten a little wet and was generally about ready to pack it in, with my thoughts turning to a nice sit-down meal near a fireplace and a glass of local Pinot when the clouds parted a little to give me a small glimpse of the peaks beyond.

This is a crop of a larger image, but I like it so much more. The detail really amazes me (love that big, full frame sensor!) and clouds add a real atmosphere that I love. Above all else, it’s the colour that calls to me. These were not edited or changed in post. Save for some small exposure adjustments, they are exactly as they were out of the camera. Full “colour”.

I love Queenstown and am fortunate enough to be heading back soon. I can’t imagine letting a whole year go past without visiting, but it’s been almost two at this point in time!