Gone Fishing

This shot was taken at Green’s Pool beach lies in William Bay National Park just outside of Denmark, Western Australia.

Normally, the beach is quite placid, sheltered from the ocean by a large ring of rocks. On this cold, blustery, overcast Spring day however, the swell was not so friendly. I’m not sure what this couple were fishing for, but I do know that they must have been pretty damn hungry to brave the weather out there for more than the hour or so I could stand. A tip of the hat to you, sir and ma’am.

The mood and light was pretty flat and bland on this particular day. It was the first time I’ve been able to get out and about with the camera for quite some time, and keen not the waste the opportunity, I was looking for anything that would be interesting. For this shot I sat far back on the rocks and used a longer lens to compress the perspective. At the same time I jammed on every dark bit of filter I could get my hands on. This was a combination of a HiTech ND8 and a Cokin Graduated ND8. The colour cast that these filters ended up throwing off was terrible. Extremely red and distracting to the point of ruining the shot. Seeing this gave me some license to try and work the colours a little bit in an effort to salvage something, and the final result I quite like (to my own surprise).